Common Sensor Platform





































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Mobile Digital Systems, Inc.

Intelligent Detection and Surveillance Solutions

In-Vehicle System for

Convergence and Fusion on Data from

Multiple Sensors

including Imaging and Video

Ground Station









Ad Hoc/ Network/



  • In-Vehicle: manned or unmanned:  UAS, UAV, UGV, other, including Robotics.
  • Data Convergence and Fusion

        Structure and Algorithms for Multiple Sensors in Real-Time.

  • Multiple Sensor Data Synchronization.
  • MDS’ ICT:  Intelligent Comprehensive Technology
  • Storage and Management
  • Communications: Secure Ad Hoc/ Wireless or Wired
  • Fielding and Support
  • Tested, Reliable Operation
  • Highest Security Encryption




  • Interface to Other In-Vehicle Systems
  • Multi-Spectral and Hyperspectral Imaging / Detection
  • Event-triggers / Real Time Decision Support on Sensor Data and Fusion.
  • GPS
  • Real-Time Communications on Ad Hoc Network, Ground Command, or HQ
  • Ground Station
  • Mosaicing
  • New No-Load Security Encryption

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

Armored Vehicle

Water Surface and Submerged Vehicle