MDS Solutions—  In-Vehicle and Fixed Site

MDS offers our customers Solution Flexibility.  This mean that MDS will provide all of the reliable and cost effective Solution components, or, will work with our customers’ current vendors to assist in providing the Total Solution. 

Presented below are:

Ø MobileSensorXt-Ruggedized (MS/Xt-R),

Ø MobileSecurity-Ruggedized (MS-R), and

Ø MDS Intelligent Surveillance Solution (MDS-ISS).



MDS In-Vehicle Solutions

MobileSensorXt-Ruggedized (MS/Xt-R)

MS/Xt-R is used in vehicles for Sensor Data capture, Convergence and Fusion, and Network Communication.  MS/Xt-R is Ruggedized to meet the rigorous demands of vehicles used by:

Ø Defense

Ø Public Safety and Homeland Security

Ø Personnel Transport in Threat Area




















MobileSecurity– Ruggedized (MS-R)

MS-R is an In-Vehicle Solution providing 100% communications up-time by using multiple wireless technologies and multiple sensors to detect and transmit notification of possible threat.   MS-R is Ruggedized to meet the rigorous demands of vehicles used in passenger transport for any application.
















MDS Fixed Site Solution — Motion and Content Analytics

Intelligent Surveillance Solution (ISS)

MDS-ISS is a Fixed Site embedded system which delivers Motion and Content Analytics on Video and Sensor Data in Real-Time.  MDS-ISS is plug and play which means little or no integration effort.  MDS-ISS is appropriate of any critical fixed site, including Sensitive National Security Locations, Water Treatment and Water Supply, Power Stations, and others.

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