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MDS White Paper on STEM Education in Northeastern Maryland

This White Paper is authored by Angela Corrieri, President of MDS, in collaboration with the Northeastern Maryland Technology Council and  Participants and Contributors in the Northeastern Maryland Region. 


This Paper presents the STEM Education efforts as of August, 2010, in Northeastern Maryland by the School Systems of Cecil and Harford Counties, the Community Colleges, and supporting efforts by the Communities, Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Partner Universities, Business/ Industry, Membership and Service Organizations in the Region, and Local and State Governments.  This Paper also presents a proposal for long term support of STEM Education efforts in the Region.


As of January, 2011, all recommendations in this White Paper have been or are in process of being implemented.




MDS White Paper_Wireless_First Responder.pdf

Presented by MDS, and explores some of the issues in selecting an appropriate Wireless Technology for First responders.



Presented by Scott Stamp of the University of Georgia, and presents A Survey of Municipal Wireless Initiatives.



Presented by the Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access Forum, and presents the 802.16a, Broadband Standard.

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