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MDS MV-R products may be purchased from GSAAdvantage.Gov GSA Schedule 70: GS-35F-0665M

MobileSensorXt- Ruggedized

MobileSecurity– Ruggedized


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MobileSensorXt-Ruggedized (MS/Xt-R)


MS/Xt-R is a flexible In-Vehicle Detection, Fusion, and Communication System containing MDS ICT Technology for Multiple Sensor Data Capture, Convergence and Fusion, and Communication. 


MDS’ Data Convergence and Fusion Algorithms enable our customer to deploy and operate this system in your specific mobile environment, on Any Wireless technology in ad hoc or conventional networks.


The MS/Xt-R System Hardware is Off the Shelf (COTS) and Ruggedized for use in harsh environments.  MDS has and continues to devote  considerable efforts in Lowering  C-SWAP (Cost, Size, Weight, and Power) requirements.




Sample MS/Xt-R Configuration– Defense:


































Options:  MS/Xt-R is available with numerous options for specific applications, including:

Ø Application Specific Algorithms for Convergence, Fusion, Event Triggers, Communication, more.

Ø Synchronization of Sensors Data including Video and Imaging.

Ø Any Wireless, Multiple Wireless on Ad hoc or Conventional Networks.

Ø Highest Security Encryption Available.

Ø Wireless and Wired Audio.

Ø Cameras.

Ø Video Server, Storage, and Management for Central / Ground Station.

Ø Installation, Training, and Support.

Ø Scalable– install vehicles now, install more later.

Ø Tested, Reliable Operation.

Ø Mosaicing, GPS, and more.


Assists with Total Command:

           Detection/ Response

           Able to interface with other systems


Solid, Proven Technology Translates to Better and Faster decision.



Is MS/Xt-R just another Sensor System?

NO.   These are the Reasons.

MS/Xt-R is a flexible complete system with MDS’ ICT– Intelligent Comprehensive

Technology.   MS/Xt-R can perform one or many functions, process data from one– or multiple sensors,   MS/Xt-R can communicate to YOUR desired destinations– securely— on Any Wireless environment —- for improved situational awareness.    MS/Xt-R can operate on COTS/ GOTS or specifically engineered systems including Robotics.


How is the MDS MS/Xt-R System Different from others’?

MDS developed its Intelligent Comprehensive Technology (MDS-ICT) to:

Ø Ensure Total Reliable Operation;

Ø Provide a flexible software and algorithm operating environment to converge and fuse and communicate data from one or multiple sensors;

Ø Provide COTS/ GOTS ruggedized hardware in a small form factor with special attention to C-SWAP requirements (Cost, Size, Weight, and Power), and to ensure reliable operation in harsh environments, and ease of upgrade;

Ø Also operate on specifically engineered hardware or systems manned or unmanned including UAV, UAS, UGV, robotics, and other.

Ø Transmit on ANY Wireless and Multiple Wireless Technologies on Ad Hoc or Conventional Networks.

MobileSecurity-Ruggedized (MS-R)


MS-R is an In-Vehicle Solution providing 100% communications up-time by using multiple wireless technologies and multiple sensors to detect and transmit notification of possible threat.   MS-R is Ruggedized to meet the rigorous demands of vehicles used in passenger transport for any application.  MS-R is designed to provide maximum protection of our most valuable asset: people, by immediately detecting and transmitting possible threat conditions to enable immediate response.


Sample Configuration:  School Bus Transport for Students in Threat Areas.

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